Monday, February 23, 2009

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I made up this bag from an online tutorial. It was really easy and only cost about $4 total! I plan to make more for Easter Baskets. Inside I will have "Easter rolls"; you take crescent rolls (representing wraps for Christ's body), cover them with butter and cinnamon & sugar (representing the spices used to prep his body), then roll a large marshmallow in the rolls (this represents Christ's body). Then bake the rolls. When they are done the marshmallow is no longer there (representing Christ's empty tomb- His risen body). It is fun to do with kids to talk about the Easter Story and yummy to eat afterward. Picture this bag with bright Easter/spring colors. What do you think? I am excited and think it will be a hit- I hope! By the way, we got our new camera. I plan on playing with it lots when I am off work again.

Find the tutorial at

Give it a try and have fun!
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