Thursday, February 19, 2009

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My latest shopping haul!
You just have to love getting free groceries. Since July I have been using to help with my shopping. In that time I have dropped over $1000 from our food/hygiene/paper products budget and have built a years supply. I love to go grocery shopping and see what kind of deals I can get. This week Albertsons is having a General Mills deal, buy 10 get $10 back for your next shopping trip. A lot of the stuff is snack/sugar foods but hey, my boys like these things too. We have our share of healthy food but comfort food is part of the pantry as well. So here is my latest deals. I was soooo excited this week. My best was paying only $0.62 and saving $49.57! Here is my total.
22 cake mixes
7 brownie mixes
16 chex mix/cheerios mix
10 progresso soups
10 Pillsbury grands biscuits
3 Nature Valley granola bars
19 fruit snacks
hersheys syrup
3 bags chips
2 Breyers ice cream
3 toaster strudels
4 packages cheese slices

I spent $43.84 - $20.00 of my next trip= $23.84
I saved $258.06!!!

The progresso and grands ended up being totally free! No problem with having coblers this summer!! Check out the website= They do all the work for you so I just have to print the shopping list! THANK YOU PYP!
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  1. Shannon - I'm so excited you're blogging!!! I am excited to see all the awesome ideas you post!


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