Saturday, February 14, 2009

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Ok, I finally did it and created this blog. We will see how well I can keep it up. I think it will be fun though. I love to be crafty. After checking out other blogs of friends and many others I decided it could be fun to display my own projects. Admittedly they are seldom my own ideas but creating shared ideas is fun too.

My hobbies are: crafting, scrapbooking, camping, and reading. I am currently trialing digital scrapbooking. If you have any suggestions with this let me know. I am also a nurse and work with cardiac patients. I will be taking a National certification in April. It is tough to study with kids around, I am just thankful I finished school before the boys came along.

I am a mother of 4 incredible boys. They keep me hopping! Our house is high energy and often times loud. Thankfully they have just enough room to wrestle and play as only boys know how to. I have a wonderful husband of 12 (almost 13) years. He spoils me rotten and is the love of my life. I grew up with 1 brother and 2 sisters so living with a house of boys has been an adjustment at times but just as rewarding. You know, boys are unique creatures. No pink allowed, just bugs, snails and puppy dog tails......
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