Wednesday, February 25, 2009


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This has been a year of reunions already. I have been reunited with close friends and family that I have not seen in years and I am truely amazed. First, my cousin- hey Jamie- surprised me at work one night. I had not seen her in years and had lost touch. We chatted for a few minutes and arranged another get together. We met with my sisters over lunch and had a great time. I'm not sure any of us wanted to leave but the kids had other plans and time does tend to pass. She left to go back to Texas but thankfully we have e-mail and now blogs. Yeah.

Then last night we ran into one of my best friends ever. After I married she moved to Boise. I tried to stay in touch but lost track of where she was. I would often think of her and wonder what she was up to and if she was living the dreams we shared in high school. Last year I ran into her but once again life happened. What a surprise to look up and see her smiling 'sunshine'! We had a nice although short chat. She mentioned that she had postpartum depression and thus was unable to return my calls. I'm glad to say all is better and hopefully we will now get together and be able to reminice. I will be calling April!

One of the sites I frequent, ok, it's more like live at, is I have been couponing since July and having great fun; not to mention saving money. Well, I posted a message that included my blog link. Low and behold, another high school friend saw it and sent me an e-mail. I had seen her posts before but since we use usernames and not our real names we didn't know each other online. She had actually been trying to find me to reconnect but had been unsuccessful in finding me. Now we will be making plans to get together. How funny that after trying facebook, myspace, phone, and other sources she would stumble on my blog through a coupon site! How 'bout lunch Kim?

To top it all of, Kim, April and I used to double date together. We all hung out together and had a lot of fun. I look forward to remembering all those crazy things we did. By the way Kim, Nathan is a nurse in Blackfoot. I see him once in a while but mostly keep in touch through his dad at Fred Meyers. The world may seem big but it truely is a small world after all.

Jamie, well said, God truely has blessed both of us with the gift of reuniting with loved ones.
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