Friday, March 6, 2009

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Spring cleaning has begun and it feels sooo good. So far I have 2 rooms done. I cleaned the tops of the cabinets in the kitchen including all the decor. I took the light covers down and cleaned them, dusted the fan, washed walls, and mopped the floor. The weather turned bad so I didn't do the windows yet but they are on my list. It doesn't take me long with my squeegee and brush from Don Asletts Cleaning Center. The hardest part of cleaning windows is taking out the screens. I even managed to add a little greenery to my kitchen, which it was in desperate need of. Since my kitchen is red apple themed I threw a little red into it. I really like how it turned out but hope it doesn't look to much like Christmas. I got the foliage for 40% off at Michaels this week. Not too bad for less than $10.

I also got the living room done but those pictures will have to wait. Matthew thinks it is naptime and since I have to work tonight that means naptime for mom too.
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  1. Go Shannon - you're inspiring me . . . I need to clean!!! All these newspapers (which I'm cancelling) are starting to take over my kitchen!


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