Friday, March 20, 2009

Shopping with Channel 3 news

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So after my letter the the editor came out in yesterdays Post Register I got a call from channel 3 news. Hasti wanted to interview me about coupons. She came over, I ran through my coupon info and showed her my storage room and the food storage we have been able to build through using coupons. This morning was test time. Could I produce the savings I had been talking about. I told them that on Monday I did my shopping at Smith's and saved 93%. I only spent $9.56. I was way excited about that one. We went to Smith's; I bought 38 items and spent $30.96. Not too bad. I think, I hope, I made believers out of Hasti and Tommy. Hasti will let me know when her piece will air and I will pass it on. It was kind of fun and totally unexpected. I had been thinking someone needed to do a story on PYP and the free resource that it is- I just didn't think I would be in on the story. I think it will be great and excited to see how everything turns out. Hopefully some people can take the information and benefit from it. It has been great for my family to have our grocery bill go down and benefit from other non-food bargains as well!
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