Friday, March 6, 2009

Easter Decor

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Josh had a character parade at school. He has fallen in love with Calvin and Hobbs. I got to play with my new camera while he showed off his character. Robin went out late the night before to find Hobbs. He couldn't let his little boy only have half is costume.

Ty gets to play video games all too much. He loves to play with the kids and has a hard time when school is in. He goes down the list of neighbor kids hoping to find someone home. Won't he be glad when school is out. I try to get him to play legos or something but they are just not fun when baby brother tries to eat them. What does a mother do. I have housework too. Thankfully he can help me with some projects, has play dates and goes to preschool. Spring fever is setting in. He would love to go ride his bike......
Then there's Matthew. He spoils his mom rotten. He is such a good baby. Just plays and jabbers. Keep his belly full and pants dry and you've not a worry in the world! Between all the boys we have lots of fun. 20 things happening all at once and (hopefully) a smile on everyones face.
I will have to catch dad and Keegan in action and update on them next time.

I used to decorate a lot for Easter but the last several years Easter has come before I got them up. Plus last year I was pregnant and didn't feel like decorating. This year the decorations are up. I was in Fred Meyer and they have some really pretty decorations. I was really tempted to get a couple different table runners but I will have to wait until they go on sale. So I came home and improvised. I found a spring like piece of fabric that fit the piano and set to putting the decorations out. I hadn't planned on rearranging but the urge hit. I think I like how it turned out. I usually rearrange a couple times a year but I haven't for about 2 years because of the furniture set up. Here is the before. I liked this set up because of the matching bookshelves.
Now the after.....

I made the garland with ribbon, beads and eggs. It only cost $1 for the ribbon. I think I will make some more. What do you think?

Now I am on to other projects. I have invites for an educational retreat at work to make, plus goody bags. I am working on Keegan's name in 5x7 frames- it's almost done. Christmas presents for next year. They will be home made and take lots of time. I ran seriously low on time this last year so I want to start sooner. Those will have to be a surprise till Christmas... no peaking. I also want to explore facebook which I have heard lots about. I need to get some more pages scrapbooked, I am loving the digital scrapbooking. I have some more done and will have to post those as well. Plus I am still teaching couponing classes. I may have to learn to say no!

Gardening is just around the corner and I am way excited for that. Tomarrow I will be buying my seeds and starting to plan. I usually spend $100 just on flowers for my front bed but I want to get some annuals, is that right? The ones that come back each year. I loved the hydrangeas we saw in Oregon. I hope I can find some that will grow here. I also read about huckleberry plants to buy. I would love some of these around my deck. We will still go picking though. Half the fun of huckleberries is being in the woods. I will let you know what I find out.......
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