Thursday, March 12, 2009

Huggies deal

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We found some Huggies at the Pocatello Walgreens. Here is how it turned out for me: 6 packs for $14 out of pocket. Then I got $20 in R.R. back.

1st transaction:
3 packs x $10=$30
-$5 off coupons x3=15
-$15 from gift card for February rebates
+$10 RR back

2nd transaction
3 packs x$10=$30
-$5 off coupons x3=$15
used the rest of my gift card, a couple of $$
then paid $14
+$10 RR back

Not too bad. They only had size 6 left but I can exchange them later for 3's. At this price I was thrilled!
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