Sunday, May 17, 2009

Piano makeover

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I finally had my piano tuned. Jerry Clark did a great job. He took over 2 hrs. He was also able to give me some history about my piano which was made in 1927 by a short lived company from Milwaukee. I asked him about painting my piano because of all the scraps and scratches. He suggested trying Murphy's oil with stain first. Check out the before and after pictures and judge for yourself. I was thrilled! It was only about $4 for the oil and was much easier and less messy than painting would have been.
I started with the side that was the worst. It had been severely scratched. I wish I would have taken before pictures of that side to see the most dramatic difference but I didn't realize how much of a change would be taking place. I love the way it looks now. Some places still show through but I don't mind. Plus the oil put a beautiful shine to a dull finish. Thanks Jerry. I also learned a little about my piano which was fun. This instrument was saved from the trash- literally- given to me by my mom and now has my son plunking away as he learns to play. One man's trash is TRUELY another man's treasure!
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