Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day!

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We are going to Nauvoo this summer so for Memorial day break we went to This is the Place Park is SLC. I didn't realize there was so much to do! We had a great time. I hope the boys will learn to value the pioneer heritage they have. It puts into perspective what our ancestors went through when you see the tiny cabins they lived in or see the simply way of life and talk about the struggles of life on a new frontier. In July we will follow the Mormon Trail from the Salt Lake Valley through Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri and into Illinois. This weekend was a nice start. 5 minutes away from home we realized we were out of kleenex in the van. With allergies we HAVE to have kleenex, so quick stop at the store. Then we get to the park and realize we have 1 baby wipe left. Next stop- another store. It is always an adventure in itself to travel with little ones and this mini-trip was no different. We forgot several things and were able to make plans of what we need to bring for the big trip. I also plan to have a bag o'tricks for the longer trip. Road games, secret rewards, learning objectives etc for the boys. Nintendo DS is great for a little quiet time but I want them to get something more out of this summers vacations. Stay tuned for more summer fun.
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  1. That sounds like a great place to take our kids some time - the This Is The Place park, not Nauvoo yet, although I've been there, and do want to take my family there some time. Anyway, isn't it so nice to not be a pioneer when you're in need of kleenex and wet wipes? =)


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