Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cub Scouts Neckerchief Slides- Dutch Oven

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Another Pinterest inspiration.
Each pack meeting I give the boys a neckerchief slide to introduce the next months theme. Kind of a little reminder and incentive to come each month. Last month we had the Pinewood Derby. It is THE scouting event for cubs. We had a blast. Check back later for what we did!
I love finding great idea that are simple and quick. My scouts loved these slides. Blue and Gold Banquet is the birthday celebration of scouting. It is generally held in February. We are doing a Western theme this year so what better to do than a dutch oven?!
Gather your supplies:
bottle caps (paint them black if you need)
small black beads
thin gauge wire
wire cutters
white school glue
hot glue gun

Step 1: glue the small pony bead on the bottom. These are the feet of the oven.

 Step 2: Cut the wire to an appropriate length and glue in the lid. This is the handle. I don't remember what gauge I used but it was a little too small, but in an effort to be RESOURCEFUL ;-) I used what I had.
 Step 3: mix your lentils with white school glue. A small paper cup and a tongue depressor works great here. I used red beans, black beans, white beans, and rice. It was all dried stuff but absorbed some of the moisture. They still dried well.
 Step 4: fill the caps with small amounts of "soup" mix.
 Step 5: After they have dried completely glue your attachment to the back. You can use thin slices of PVC pipe, milk jug handles or small hair bands. I had milk jug pieces but they were a bit too wide so I used hair bands.
 Step 6: Display them on a handy thread organizer. You can get this do-dad at Walmart or JoAnn's. I love how the boys ooh, and ahh as they walk in and see what the next slide is gonna be. It is just fun to see them light up.
Let me know if you have any great neckerchief ideas! I would love to see them.
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  1. This is the cutest slide I have seen in a long time!!!

    1. Thanks Melissa. They were pretty easy to make too.

  2. Can you explain a little more about how you used the hair band? I'm not fond of the milk jug handles and the PVC piece all too often come off. :(

    Did you just glue it one? Or did you go through the cap somehow? I'm looking for something smashing for our camping pack meeting is this is looking like it!

    1. Lisa, I just used my hot glue gun to attach the band to the back. They have survived my far. ;-)


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