Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ahh a new faucet

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I have a wishlist of great things to do in my home. Most of them fall into the "want" category more than the "need" so in our endevor to be frugal and debt free they generally remain low on my shopping list...VERY LOW.
That is why I have come to love getting gift cards.
For Christmas we were given several gift cards to Home Depot. I asked my sweet hubby what he thought we should use them for. Something practical like adding to the supplies to finish the basement? Tools? Organizing supplies? Gardening gear? What?
Can you imagine my thrill when he said to get the new faucet we have been eyeing for a while!!! We have wanted it but could never justify the cost when our current (boring) faucet worked just fine. Now...well now I am wearing a smile whenever I walk into my kitchen. Who knew a faucet could make me so happy. But it is SOO pretty!!
 See, basic builders grade (ultra boring) faucet....
 Sweetest man who knows just how to make his wife happy!
Ahhh, new stylish, functional, lovely faucet.
Truth be told, sweet hubby comments all the time how much he likes the new faucet.
Thanks family and friends for the gift cards for a "want" item making us very happy!
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  1. Of course, your husband wants you to be happy, so he did his best to install the faucet! Sweet, isn’t it? :’) Well, as men of the house, we husbands are automatically responsible for things like this. We wouldn’t let our women do the job. :) My wife was also happy the last time I did plumbing work in our bathroom. Hehe!

    Darryl Iorio

    1. Darryl, you guys certainly know how to keep us ladies happy!


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