Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Marble Earrings

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This idea came from a combination of pinterest posts. One about shattered marbles the other of marles made into earrings....why not combine the two?
 I'm sure someone has already figured this out but I still love it!
 I plan to add these to our PTA Santa shop. What little boy wouldn 't think it totally awesome for mom to wear marbles as earrings?!
They all turned out cool but the blue were just my favorite. They are so pretty!
So here's the how to.
Marbles (got mine from the $1 store)
Gem glue or superglue
earring hooks
Bead caps and small rods

Heat the marbles at 450 degrees for 20-30 minutes. (I did 20 but some of them didn't shatter as much as would have liked. I will do 30 next time).
Remove from the oven and immediately immerse in ice water. Let sit until cool. You will hear them cracking. I did have one split in half but that's it. They are tempered glass so the crack but not really 'shatter'.
Thread the rod through the bead cap and glue onto the marble. Let dry completely. Make a loop on the end of the rod then just add your earring hook.....
They work out to be less than $0.30 each!
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