Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Homemade Birthday Cards

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Sometimes we just need time to visit and relax. That's what I get when my dear friend comes to visit. We had a great time putting these cards together.
I am trying to send birthday cards to family members so I needed to stock up on them. I get the out, not always on time though so it is a life saver to have some already made and ready to go.
Girl cards are easy, boys well, they can be too they just take a bit more thought. I love the polka dots and bright colors of this one. The dotted edge added just enough to spiff it up a bit.
I LOVE this card. The bright pink. The sharp black. The crisp white. But mostly I love out the tack hangs free. It adds great dimension to go along with the flower. 
Now, if I could just see the smile on their faces. Of course that is probably for the $ in the card. ;-)
Yep, I am the favorite aunt! I earned it with each incentive!
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