Monday, January 7, 2013

Are we there yet?

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We had a lot of traveling to do over the Christmas holiday....first to Idaho with family then we went to Disneyland for Christmas. We had a blast (although we will never again go at Christmas). We drove straight through. Our boys thankfully travel well but 11hrs is still a while. I found this idea and thought it would be fun. Turns out it was one of the best ideas I have used!!

It was simple too.
I used fun foam to cut out the states we would be traveling through. Our trip to see family is not nearly as long so I didn't do it for the Idaho trip. I glued it on the ribbon with a simple glue stick. Then I wrote the names of several bigger cities we would pass. 
We had a mini hot wheels car I put a piece of velcro on the back of. It was perfect for sticking to the room of the van. I pinned up the ribbon along the back. The boys got to take turns moving the car along. It was a great visual of how far we had come and how far we had left to go. Even Mr. Matthew would just look up at it rather than asking the beloved question: "Are we there yet?" He would start to ask then look up or be reminded by one of the older boys..."Nope, see Matthew we are just right here...we still have to go here..." I could not have planned it better! The boys did fantastic on that long drive. No fighting, no moaning, not too much restlessness and no "Are we there yets"!

Got any travel plans for the new year? This is a must do! I plan to do it for our next trip to Idaho even. It was just fun!
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