Thursday, January 10, 2013

Make your own lanyards...

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While at Disneyland we decided to try the Pin Trading. You get to trade pins with all the cast members. There are soooo many you will never get bored. And if you don't get what you want there are oodles to choose from to purchase. We needed lanyards to put all our pins on and I didn't really want to buy them. So, like the self respecting, frugal crafter that I am I decided I could make some.
Lanyards really are easy to make. Just 15 minutes and you've got it. I don't use exact measurements when I craft but that is ok with these.
Gather your supplies:
Sewing machine
Key ring or other attachment piece
Scissors and thread Yeah, you get the point ;-)
I found this ribbon at Walmart of course and got 2 long lanyards from it. I had enough left that if I had made them a bit shorter I could have gotten 3. Just placed the ribbon around your neck to determine it's length. Remember to adjust for any little ones you will be making them for.
 Grab your key ring or whatever attachment do-dad you are using and thread the ribbon through it then sew a strong seam. This will be pulled on a bit so make sure to sew it well.
Use some pinking scissors to keep the end from fraying. If you are lucky enough to have a serger YEAH! Just serge the end before you fold it over the ring.
 Perfect! Just a couple of minutes and now you are ready to add your favorite pins.
This is Mr. Matthews. Can you tell who his favorite characters are?
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  1. HI! I used your first photo as a link to this blog post on my pin website . Thank you for teaching me how to sew my own!


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