Monday, February 11, 2013

Homemade refried beans

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I had heard about making refried beans in your crockpot but I had never tried it. Sometimes you just have to say, hmm I am gonna do this and then DO IT RIGHT THEN!

Take 1 small crockpot
1 bag of beans (yep, just the bag of dried beans)
(I tried pinto and black, both were great)
Throw in some garlic salt and sliced onion
Add some chicken boullion or a can of chicken broth
Top it off with water (you may have to add more as the beans soak it up)
Let cook for about 4-5 hrs on high. Just until the beans are easily mashed.

Drain off the juices but save it. Pour the beans in your mixer and mash away. Add juice to get the right consistency.
Such a simple and cheap recipe. Made better by being a long term food storage item. No more need to resort to cheap PB&J when you haven't made it to the store!
My boys loved it! It was a perfect after school snack. Just spread on a tortilla and sprinkle with cheese.
It stayed good for a week in my mason jar.

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