Monday, February 13, 2012

Tracking wt loss the fun way....

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Holy cow! Last week was total madness around here. I was ever so glad to see the weekend come. Unfortunatly it never lasts long enough and then it's back to work and school.
I did manage to do a couple of simple but fun crafts this weekend. I told dear hubby I needed some craft therapy and he lovingly gave me some time for just that. There is just something about this....
....that makes me smile. Being in the throws of multiple projects at the same time brings sense to all the madness of day to day life.
So I have my wellness goals set for this year. I have been working hard too. I saw this on pinterest and wanted to do it too.
I didn't have cutesy jars but mason jars were right up my alley. Plus I have lots of them.
So I gathered my small jars, some black vinyl, and glass rocks......
....set the cricuit to pressure of 3, speed of 4. I used my Jasmine cartridge. I love this font. I find it quite versitile. Set the size to about 1.5 inches and let it go....
Now I have a visual effect for each pound I lose. Simple yet fun.
I think I will leave the lids off once I put it in my bathroom.
Here's to moving those little rocks. One week, one pound at a time!
I have another little project coming up, so stayed tuned!
Plus I have some great ideas for wordart for this week!
You will have to wait until Thursday for that!
See you all then.
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