Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thrifty Valentine Decor

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We had fun making this subway art. Sorry I didn't take pictures along the way. I had a 1x10 board. I started out painting it pink. Then used up vinyl scraps to make the words. After putting the vinyl in place I painted over with red. Then when we took the letters off the pink was left to show through. Then I "touched" it up with a sander. It helped to pull the colors together and just ads a bit of homemade touch to it.
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My Valentine decor is growing. It's just FUN!
Add this to the Be Mine blocks I made last year.
And the wreath was made from Christmas balls and a wire hanger a couple of years ago.
Then finish it off with the garland I started a while ago but finally finished it last year....AFTER Valentines. 
I had to wait until this year to show it off. I cut felt hearts and hand-stitched phrases on them. Then I sewed them onto ribbon.
Great decor for pennies.
After Christmas things are always a bit dull. Adding some red and pink have been lovely. It's becoming my tool to survive the January blues. Besides we all love a chance to change up the decor a bit right?!
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