Monday, February 20, 2012

Crafty button clock

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Craft time is sooo often sandwiched in between pick up and drop off of one child or another. Without a clock in my craft room I needed to keep my cell phone with me to peek at. Pinterest to the rescue again.

I saw something similar on pinterest and thought "of course!" Plus this would be easy peasy to put together.
I started with my wooden hoop.
I painted the outside hoop. I thougt of paintin the other one too but heh, it wouldn't be seen at all so I passed on that.
I made sure to find buttons that had at least 15 in the pack. There are oodles of fun buttons to choose from but I wanted something simple. And I only wanted to buy one pack. Gotta keep the cost down ya know.
Then I just used my trusty hot glue gun to attach those buttons.
What did mom do before hot glue guns? I mean really?! They come to the rescue on sooooo many projects. I find myself a tad bit impatient when I have to wait for any other glue to dry. Hot glue is just SO fast. Yep, I love it.
Ok....moving on.
Now to the clock parts. I didn't want to cut a hole for the center, the berlap would have just raveled. Instead I just pulled the weaves apart to make a gap I could wiggle the clock part through.
It worked pretty good. You can hardly even tell. Then I just added the hands and....
My new clock for my craft room.
I love it.
No more looking under my project supplies for my cell phone to surface. Now I can have my fun without missing the next child pick up.
I quite like it.
You should try it for your self.
They are easy and inexpensive to make.
Go ahead, have some fun!
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