Monday, February 27, 2012

Ladder for a Loft....

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I finally got a chance to make my library ladder for Mr. T's room. We had to change things up a little bit in the end but here is the step by step.
I started with a couple of 1x2's of hardwood.
Sand around the edges to smooth them and round the corners.
They were pretty smooth so just a touch on the surface was all it needed.
After that it was time to drill the holes. I clamped them together so the holes were sure to line up.
I marked the holes 12 inches apart after starting about 7 inches from the bottom. Then just drilled through both boards.

Dear hubby stepped in to paint them. On to the assembly.
I used 3/4 inch pipe as the ladder rungs.
Then we put a cap on the end of each one.
I had hoped to have the ladder roll along in front of the closet doors but things just didn't line up like they needed to. We decided we liked it on the wall next to the closet anyway.
We lined it up with the studs in the wall but we used 18 inch pipes and since studs are usually on 16 inch centers only one side lined up. With the ladder needing to hold the weight of the boys going up and down we really needed both sides secured strongly. On the other side we added brackets that could hold 100# each.
Dear hubby helped screw it in while I held the ladder up.
I love it!
And the boys ALL love it. They have been up and down all weekend.
One happy boy up in the loft, one mom nervous. Yep time to get on that rail to prevent them from falling!
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