Thursday, November 1, 2012

4x4 Snowmen

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My sweet friend and I finally got to craft again. We have both missed our crafting days so much. For me they help to keep me grounded. I love having a day I can create. A day to beautify my home. A day to be with friends. Yeah, mom's need that too!
 I took advantage of the leftover 4x4's from the deck.
Simply paint them white. 
I wanted a rough look so 1 coat did just dandy.
Then a dab of black for the coal eyes.
And something to resemble a carrot nose. I am not much of a painter so this added to the "rough" feel.
The scarves were just a 3 inch strip of fabric.
Then I measured around the 4x4's. They were about 14 inches around.
A simple rectangle that was 14 inches wide, seamed together, the a slight hem at one end gave me a nice little hat.
I tied it with a bit of ribbon then snipped the top end to give a fringed look.
Using a sharpie I added eyelashes and eyebrows and accented the carrot nose. 
I love them! They were simple and turned out great. 
This weekend I hope to get the Halloween down and these cuties out on the front step. 
My favorite holiday is just around the corner. Horray!
Days like this are wonderful to the soul!

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