Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wire Trees

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A Pinterest Fail!
We had good intentions.
The pin looked so EASY.
No Problem we thought.
We picked up all the supplies we needed....
BTW: Copper wire is a bit pricey....
And got started making our own set of wire wreaths.
Just wrap them around the styrofoam cone.
Ok, uhm wait, like this? Oops, let's try that again...ugh, this is harder than it looks.
The wire is kinda digging into the styrofoam....
Ok, there we go. Got it started.....there DONE.
Now to pull it off the styrofoam.
ARGH! They won't stand up nice and pretty like the picture.
Ok, so the copper ones are too bad but they are also small.
Not what we pictured.
The silver one won't stand up at all.
Now we have a pile of twisted wire.
Time to search Pinterest for something to work this into.....
Hopefully next time it WILL work and perhaps....
just maybe....
be as easy as it looks.
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  1. I tired this, but I used the old wire from a A4 pad of paper (the ones with the wire rings down the side)
    I found that was much sturdier and didn't flop all over the place.


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