Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mini Pumpkin pies

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 These are the miny pumpkin pies in a muffin tin. How to make it all you need is some pie crust is an a can of pumpkin pie filling. What you must do is role your dough out; then take a cup or something big enough to make circles in your dough to have them fit your muffin tin.
Here I am using a turkey baster to take my pumpkin pie (follow can instructions) filling to fill the crusts which have been inserted in the greased muffin tin.

 I had to shoo my brothers away before they ate the mix before it was cooked.
 This is the final product of your effort. If you are wondering what to use the rest for use it for anything. I just put it in pie plates and cooked it.
I found this on pinterest. It is in mom's food board.

The original recipe is from Make-n-Takes

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