Monday, October 29, 2012

A surprise party with lots of treats.

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My dear sweetheart turned the big 40 this weekend. He isn't a 'needy' kind of guy. Just simple. Rather content to play Lego's with his boys. What do you do for this guy? Well, you invite all the friends over to just visit and enjoy their company. Of course Halloween is also his fav holiday so we'll make it a costume party.

I didn't know if I would be able to pull this off but it was worth a try. My sweet hubby never questions all my crazy projects. Between work, PTA, scouts, crafts, gardening, etc he just goes along with it all.

So I made these invites....

 When I said, "Honey, I am taking Josh to help me deliver these." he just smiled and said be careful.

Then when I bought loads and loads of goodies, I said they were for the PTA carnival (some of it was). He never questioned why SOOO much.

When I spent all day Friday cooking, he just helped out by doing whatever I needed done.

When I agreed to work an extra shift Friday night, he just sighed and said, "ok, we will miss you".

Little did he know.

The party that would await his arrival home.... My oldest called to give me a heads up.... Dad wondered who he was talking to but he covered well. Nicely done son.
We enjoyed Halloween crunch, Poisoned apples...
Mummy dogs, broomsticks, spider deviled eggs...
Goblin fingers, and yummy Cream of the crop cupcakes. Oh my oh my if these babies aren't tasty.
We had Key Lime and Pumpkin Spice, dear hubbies favs. Thanks so much Shelly!
Add a few Monster Munch meatball subs and Voila. Yummy!
We all dressed as the Avengers: Hulk, Black Widow, Hawk-Eye, Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor. We had so much fun.

And best of all...he didn't suspect a thing! He really did think it was all for the PTA carnival.
Happy Birthday Honey, I love you!
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  1. Fabulous party friend. Glad you pulled it off.


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