Monday, October 22, 2012

Deck building 101

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We are creeping along on the last stages of the deck. We managed to put up a couple of the cross beams only AFTER which did I realize it would have been easier to paint them BEFORE going up...ahh, the learning curve. So with the next ones I made sure to at least get a coat on them so we only have to do a bit of touch up.....
While I work, the boys enjoy the dirt..... You know, the noise with dirt on it....
See the trees? Yep, right there....and there....we got those a while back but waited to put them in until we finished (or almost finished) the deck. It was a good thing because I ended up putting them somewhere different. They are Autumn Blaze Maples. They grow fast and provide great shade in the summer and brilliant color in the fall. Just thinking about the shade makes me smile.
Give us a couple of years and the back side of the house won't be quite so hot anymore. Lovely shade over the lovely deck.
And now we are still waiting for the composit.......
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