Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chef-in-training posts

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We have a chef-in-training in our house. Mr Josh dreams of winning "Chopped" or perhaps a great desert competition. He may not like helping mom cook dinner but he never turns down an opportunity to make a yummy new treat for the family to try. So I decided to build on this. Each week he gets to try a new recipe then post about it for you all to enjoy.

Want in on  a bit of a secret? It was educationally motivated. ;-p I figured he could test his prowess and desire to be a chef; he can put his typing skills to work; learn how to use the internet as a tool and not just a toy; and increase his writing skills. The family gets to taste the yummy goodies. Yeah, I thought it was a win win too. ehehehe

So each week Josh will try something then post for you to read Thursday mornings. Stay tuned. Watch all the good bad and ugly as our nearly 13 yr old tests his skills at cooking. No holds bar. All the oopses and successes will be there.

It's gonna be a "Sweet" adventure.

Oh, and someday his roommates, mission companions and eventually sweetheart will be able to read back on his baby steps to becoming a great cook. No mac-n-cheese or Ramon noodles for this boy.
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  1. If what he cooks looks like your picture, he can definitely test on me.


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