Sunday, October 21, 2012

PTA Fall Bulletin Board

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I actually put this up at the beginning of the month but just haven't been able to get it blogged.
Each fall we sponsor a Halloween carnival. It is our biggest fundraiser but you wouldn't know it because we just have so much fun! I have always looked forward to school carnivals. They are crazy but the boys always have so much fun. I think it is one of those memories of childhood.
Anyway, I found this on pinterest and decided to go with it. Remember our last one HERE? I just recycled part of that. By October the leaves are all falling so the green tissue paper fell as well. Then we just have brown branches made from twisted paper. The paper bag Owls have moved in on the branches, watching all the tricksters with their big bright eyes. I thought of putting googly eyes on them but didn't have any that would have been big enough.
The kids and teachers all really like the new board. Kinda makes me feel good to see them ooohing and ahhhing over the change each month.
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