Thursday, October 4, 2012

PTA Bulletin Boards

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I am in charge of the PTA bulletin board at our school. We are really trying to improve communication with our parents and teachers. Last year we sent each class on a field trip. This year we are hoping to do that again plus help the principle purchase laptops for each of the classrooms. We also play to improve the playground and landscaping. Our school is an older one and there are various repairs and improvements that keep getting pushed to the bottom of the list. Hopefully we can change this. We have some great activities and goals set. Each month I will be changing our board. Something new and excited to let our parents and teachers know what we are doing and how we are coming on our goals. We have some amazing people at our school. We are gonna accomplish great things for our kiddos!

So here is my first board. Yeah, not much. I was still trying to get my mind in gear for some great ideas.....
I have been using fabric to cover the back. It works great. Plus I can take it down and reuse it.
This month we have been working on a flower bulb fundraiser. I saw this idea and loved it. Each of the apples has a little tidbit about members of our PTA. We wanted to let others know that it is not just stay at home moms. Most of us work part time or even full time. Everyone can play a part in PTA. Each of us working together to help our kids.
The leaves of the tree are tissue paper. I love how it gives a 3D effect. The staff have really enjoyed it as well. So fun to have something well recieved! We keep the folder available for handouts.
So have you got a PTA board? Got any great ideas you can share? Let me know. I would love to see them!
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