Monday, October 8, 2012

Moving Right Along- deck building 101

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The past month has been taken up with finally getting our deck on. In our Idaho home we spent the summers having dinner on the deck in the evening shade. It was a great way to unwind from the day while the boys ran off the last of their abundant energy. Dear hubby and I would relax with strawberry lemonade and just chat over the family events of the day.

The past few years however, I have increasingly missed those cool summer nights in Idaho. Our back yard now faces the west...DESERT! Yep, it gets quite hot. The boys are less likely to be running around outside and more likely to be pushing mom and dad the the brink of insanity with cabin fever. We decided we couldn't put it off any longer! We needed the deck on and hopefully the return of summer dinner/BBQ's on the deck.

We plan to have a pergola over the top to help with the summer heat and add some lovely shade. We also want to add a mister to the west side. That should help to cool it down a bit while we relax. 
We saved our pennies through the summer so we could do composit flooring with vinyl railings.
I have pictures...on my phone of the beginning but I can't get those uploaded. So this is what you have. We didn't have a clue about starting so we hired a handy friend to help us out. Now we are just waiting for more composit to come in. We shorted ourselves not figuring in the treds for the stairs. Oops. lol
Step-by-Step, Inch-by-Inch we are getting it done. We are all so excited to get it done. We have missed those cool nights out on the deck. We'll have to fit in as many as we can before the cold finally drives us inside. It's gonna be great!!
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