Saturday, November 3, 2012

Homemade Haunted Forest

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Here is the follow up to our trip up the canyon....
 I saw this pin on Pinterest and thought, sure that would be easy.
Well, it wasn't hard per se but it still didn't quite hit the mark. 
We picked our branches.
Touched them up with some black spray paint.
I tried to plant them in flower pots but the pots were not big enough....
So we staked them in the ground with the help of locking ties.
Then wrapped the lights around them.
The only problem was they didn't look quite right. They didn't want to stand up. Of course little boys whacking at them didn't help either. I think more would have been better or perhaps a different layout.
Over all, not too bad but I will likely skip this step next Halloween. Instead I will add lights to the real tree out front.
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