Monday, November 5, 2012

How to fix a styrofoam wreath tutorial

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My wonderful sister gave me a great start to a wreath we had planned on making together but never got around to it. She started with the basic styrofoam wreath and tied tulle to it. There is lay, waiting for the holiday decor so I could get the snowflakes to add to it. Along came a couple of curious little boys. "Here Ty, put this on."
Yeah, not such a bright idea!! You all know what happened. Mom came home. Dad made the boys fess up. ARGH!! Life with boys sometimes makes me shake my head!!
*deep cleansing breath*
I thought I was going to have to untie everything and start over until my sweet mom told me they have styrofoam glue.
Actually, it's FOAMTASTIC!

Just put a couple of toothpicks in place to help hold it until the glue dries.
A little army of good guys to watch over helps the glue dry's true!
The glue is suppose to dry in about an hour but I was able to carefully slide the tulle around where it belonged without problems. The toothpicks help to hold everything in place until all is dry.
Then, layout your snowflakes. I got the blue ones from Hobby Lobby and the silver from Walmart. I have heard the dollar store have these as well. Mine were only about $3 for a big box. There are enough snowflakes left for another wreath.
Use a bit of hot glue to glue the flakes down.
When you are done with the first ring of blue snowflakes start again with the silver ones.
 Just a couple of dabs of glue will do.
 It looks fantastic....uhm white on white.....let's try again....
 Ahhh, that's better!
 Something fun for the coming winter.
Thanks sis for getting the hard part done for me!
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