Monday, August 5, 2013

2+2=4 wordart freebie while reminiscing

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One of the fun things about blogging is it becomes a sort of journal. Just looking back at previous posts is a walk down memory lane. How quickly life changes. Just when we think things will never get to what we want it changes in the blink of an eye. We have lived in our new home for 3 years now and A LOT has changed. We have 3 rooms finished in the basement and our yard is landscaped with beautiful trees and berries growing. We have made new friends and enjoy our new jobs. We have truely been blessed. I still wonder what the lessons are that we need to learn but I am thankful to be together as a family on this grand adventure. My heart will forever be in Idaho, (there is just something intangible about it that I am drawn to) but this is becoming our home too. 
Isn't it amazing how far a bit of trust and hard work can take you. 
Watching how my boys grow is perhaps the most amazing. That is what I love about scrapbooking. I do simple pages. It's about the pictures and the people in the pictures more than the page layout or embellishments. When we moved my Tyler was getting ready to start kindergarten. He was thrilled. He had looked forward to school from the moment I pushed him in the stroller to the bus stop with his big brother. Now my sweet baby is heading off to kindergarten. And my oldest in taller than both me and his dad. (And I am not short mind you!) Ahhh, the joys of parenthood. Can't wait for them to get older then wish they were still little. 
I guess the lesson learned in it all is to live in the moment; to enjoy every single second. Yep, that's what I am going to do this week. Refocus and recommit to enjoy each moment of each day. I hope you do too.
Enjoy your day. Hug your little ones a second longer. Be slow to yell and quick to smile and laugh!

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