Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Nerds are Cool wordart freebie

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I have a house of boys but we are not big sports fans. We enjoy a good game once in a while but I have yet to decorate a room in sports theme. We are self proclaimed NERDS. Yep, both hubby and I would rather read a good book than watch tv. In school we were the typical nerds. I went to a very small school so it didn't matter as much. Although I joke that the coaches were terribly disappointed when their star center's tall younger sister couldn't shoot the ball worth a darn. They would have to wait a couple more years for the next star in the family. Student government was more up my alley.
 Dear hubby was painfully shy (although you would NEVER know it now) and couldn't hardly talk to anyone. Books became a safe retreat for him. A 2 year service mission helped him as much if not more than the people he served. 
Now raising our boys they have picked up our traits. Tracking reading minutes is more work than the reading. The boys are always reading and enjoying it. My oldest has even been "hanging out" at the library this summer. At our house, you get grounded from your book, not the other way around. 
I love it! I love that my boys are finding joy in reading and learning that we have. Mad scientist parties are always a big hit. 
So when I found a chemistry font I was thrilled. I couldn't wait to give it a try.
 What do you think? Sports fan or Geek Squad? My oldest didn't want to do track but he jumped at doing Science Olympiad. Geek Squad it is in this house of boys. ;-) 
Enjoy this fun word art!

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