Monday, July 1, 2013

A day without Laughter....word art freebie

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I am known for providing incentives, usually in the form of baked goods, for things I want. When my coworker offered to help me with some fonts I had to bake brownies. 
They were a hit among all the staff. No sleepy eyes tonight, just great sugar buzzes. hehehe
So now I get to play around with some new fonts. I am so excited. We will see how they work out and you will get to enjoy the ride with some freebies. Gotta love it all around.
When I saw this quote on pinterest I thought it would be perfect for all those pictures of my little guys just laughing and enjoying life. So many of my pages aren't centered around an activity other than to show the growth and day to day life of my family. I love documenting our life, the house, the fun things we do each day. A bit of word art like this is perfect for them! I hope you enjoy it too.
Click the picture for the download.
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