Tuesday, July 30, 2013

School is Cool wordart freebie

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Summer is quickly coming to a close. We have had lots of adventures. Now the adventure of school shopping is beginning. How are you doing with that? Have you started yet? There are many benefits to having all boys and this is the time of year I celebrate the most. My boys are easy peasy to shop for but finding pants for my oldest son could be interesting. He is tall and skinny! Then the run begins for school supplies. I miss being able to hit all the deals of the week and be back home in an hour. Yep, just an hour, if I hurried. The stores were close to home and each other. Now I have to plan out my trip a bit more. Do I price match at Walmart (the only store in town) or travel 45 minutes? At least I like planning and shopping. Now if my boys can last through it all. 
In light of this and school starting soon I made up several new wordarts. My goal is to be ahead and ready for the next event or holiday before it gets here. Let's see how well I do eh?!
 All this week I will be posting school fun wordart. Check it out. Let me know what you think.
Thanks for stopping by. Happy Shopping!
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