Friday, July 12, 2013

Fireworks wordart freebie

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Ok, now that I have filled your word art baskets perhaps I need to get to scrapping my own huh. Funny how that is...Well I am hoping to scrap 3 pages this week. It's not much I know but if I set a goal I know I will accomplish it. That is always easier for me than leaving it wide open. I have lots of pictures to do so breaking it down bit by bit helps to get the job done. How are you coming on your pages? I would love to see them. I enjoy working with templates and I don't add a lot of embellishments. I want the pages to still look a bit like paper scrapping. Plus I am kinda slow. Adding lots of embellishments takes time and takes away from my pictures so I just add a few. Works for me. One day I will get caught up again. I did pretty well staying caught up until boy #4 came, now I am behind but managing to not get too far (only a couple of years) behind. Any tips on how to keep caught up? I guess it's the story of a moms life right. Awww but it is wonderful to watch my boys look through their books and reminisce about the photos. That is what it is all about. 
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  1. Link doesnt seem to be working

    1. Sorry Linda, I fixed it so give it another go. Thanks so much for letting me know!


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