Monday, July 8, 2013

Land of the Free word art freebie

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I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July.
We had a grand adventure this past weekend. Although not one we hope to ever repeat. 
We had planned to visit family in Idaho. Plans changed several times before we were finally able to leave town. On the way out we ran into a road block. They were letting some cars through but not others, confusing!! The car in front of me went through but when I proceeded through the officer waved both arms in every direction and gave a quite a tongue lashing. I apologized saying the other car went through and I couldn't tell which way he wanted me to go. "Oh, FINE JUST GO THEN!" Holy Cow! So we went on our way. (There was an over sized load that had broken through the trailer hauling it. Yikes)
Then 10 minutes down the road we blew a tire on our popup trailer. UGH! These were newish tires too. After changing tires we stopped for the card reader wouldn't read our card! 
Not getting the hint, we managed to work through that as well and continued on our way. 
30 minutes later we cross a bridge on the freeway with quite a dip after it. Our trailer bounced hard enough to come unhinged. (We discovered later my son and I had not locked it completely on the ball joint.) It started to fishtail worse than a trout pulled from the Snake River! The cars behind us instantly pulled back and away. I slowed as quickly as I dared but the trailer still hit the cement barrier. I think this jolted it enough for the safety chains to come off. The result was a trailer spinning toward the gutter. It took out the fence, shredded the wiring, snapped the propane connection and sent the battery flying!
Thankfully no one was hurt, including the cars following us. I was shaking like a leave. As a nurse I can handle stress but by the time we stopped I was on the verge of tears. My dear 5 year old thought it was grand adventure. He couldn't understand why he couldn't get out on the road too!
We called for help, lead the tow truck to our house, and unloaded our poor trailer. 
7 hours later were back home climbing into bed. OK!! We got the hint!!
We stayed home the rest of the weekend.
It turned out to be a good weekend just relaxing and taking it easy; BBQ with friends, parade and our own fireworks display. 
As for our more camping this year. Hopefully, we can get it fixed. As long as the lift system didn't get damaged we should be ok.
I am so thankful for this wonderful land and my family. I hope you had a memorial and safe weekend.
I love America! So to celebrate I am sharing some word art each day this week. Come back to check it out. They will be perfect for your 4th of July memories!

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  1. Oh girlie what a day! So God saying go home do not proceed.

    I'm so glad everyone was ok but I so would have been done for too! Thanks for stopping by :), I'm following back :)


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