Thursday, July 25, 2013

Flashcards organized....

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I absolutely love it when inspiration strikes unexpectantly!
I also love that my hubby doesn't question why I buy various things, sometimes I don't know until later what I plan to use them for. 
I stopped by Walgreens today and noticed several items on sale. I make a point to stock up on sale items, even school items. They had several goodies for our PTA santa shop too. I picked up some small notepads (a constant need for OCD list makers like me) then I noticed flashcards for math and reading on clearance. We had looked at them last spring but never bought any. They will work great for our road trip coming up this weekend, so I grabbed 4 different sets. Moving on down the line I picked up a few other items, including some index card holders. I didn't know exactly what I would use them for but I knew there was something wonderful waiting for them. Plus they were only $0.49. Score for cheap organization.
After getting home the boys helped unload the bags. Some stuff to the PTA box. Some to the kitchen. Some to the school supplies.....
Hours later, as I am getting ready for work, I look down at the flashcards on the counter. The boys have already tested Mr. Matthew on his letters.....A thought suddenly comes to me. "What if I put them in those index card boxes?! I bet they'll fit!"
 Downstairs I go, grab the boxes...straighten a few things...notice the boys need to clean up their games...ah-ha that's where the Windex I just bought got put. (every mom multitasks to the max right?!) ......ok, back upstairs
 No to test my theory....
 Wouldn't you know! A perfect fit. Now the cards might have a chance to survive...but how are the boys going to know which is which? Some of those cute labels I have pinned on pinterest...Nah, I don't have time for that right now. The boxes have bright labels already....I wonder....
 Ahhh, just cut around the label and use clear packing tape.
Voila! Perfect storage for our flashcards. These will be going with us this weekend.
Gotta love inspiration!
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