Saturday, August 22, 2009

1st day of School

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Where did summer go? The nights are getting longer, days are getting cooler- sort of, the leaves are changing and school is back in session! It was nice to hit all the penny sales without the boys, they were home with dad. We spent Wednesday evening packing the backpacks to overflowing with school supplies. Once I had 2 file drawers overflowing with glue sticks, folders, tablets, crayons, markers, scissors, and pencils...oops forgot the pink erasers......Now I onlly have 1 drawer. We bought extras last year and some this year for the unexpected in the middle of the year. Thursday morning they were up early for the 1st day of school, well at least Josh was. Keegan is not much of a morning kid. All went well. Robin was actually glad to be home as he has never been home to send the boys off to the 1st day of school. We had huckleberry pancakes, of course, for breakfast. YUMMY. There is just something about the zing of the huckleberries. You hardly need any syrup.
I am such a multi-tasker that sometimes I get ahead of myself. Trying to take good pictures while the pancakes were cooking left a couple well done but not too bad- oops. Still all the rest were perfect. Keegan was a little nervous but as usual, Josh couldn't wait. I think he was more excited over meeting his friends than anything else but I guess that would be normal.
Tyler gets to start preschool next week. He loves it and has so much fun. Matthew topped the morning off with crying and not feeling well. He had been running a fever and had fever blisters all over in his mouth and lips. Poor little guy was NOT happy. Thankfully no ear infection but we just had to wait it out. Robin and our friend Jeremy gave him a blessing and now he is much better. Even with his sore mouth he enjoyed the fresh pancakes. Our boys would survive anything as long as we have pancake mix- which I am currently running low on. Thank heavens it is coming up on some caselot sales. Our morning went well and before we knew it, it was time to head out for the bus. The boys could have cared less about the pictures mom wanted to take and Matthew figured it was his turn for attention so this is it...... Have fun boys. Remember who you are and what you stand for!
Not too worry, with 3 boys still at home (Robin is the biggest boy of all) I had plenty to keep me busy. Life never ends and just when you get things figured out someone sends you a curve ball....... I'm coming Matthew.....Poor little guy........time for some stories and cuddling!... Ah shucks I can't do the dishes after all...... HONEY!?!
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