Saturday, August 8, 2009

Family Geneology

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So I need everyone's help. I was going to send this on facebook but my mom is now on there too but I don't think she has been to my blog. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I am working on a picture pedigree chart for her for Christmas. I did one last year for my MIL and it was fabulous. Please help me. Here is the link for a family group record sheet.
Fill it out, pass it to our family members you are in contact with and get it back to me along with pictures. The picture can be a family picture I can crop or individual ones. When I am all done I will get copies out to everyone of what I have done. I will need them back by October but the sooner the better. It takes a lot longer than I thought but I am getting better at it. Thanks everyone. BTW: leave a comment so I know who has heard about my project. It will help narrow down who I have to contact other ways. Also leave an email address or something to get back to you.
My email is
See the Byington family crest here.... kinda interesting.
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