Sunday, August 16, 2009

Job Search

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After coming home from our fabulous vacation we found ourselves among those hit by the down economy. Robin returned to work for 1 day and at the end of that day was laid off along with 25% of AMET's workforce. UGH! We are currently counting our blessings. #1 I have a good and secure job, the hospital would have to cut DEEEEEP into the nursing staff to cut me. #2 We have built our food storage. #3 I can feed and keep my family clean for less than $100/week. #4 I know how to coupon and do so well. #5 The Lord is aware of our family and our struggles. He is active in our lives for which we see evidence every single day. I am so thankfull for all these blessings and many more.... For now we search, or rather Robin does. He has had success in that there are some openings in his field, however it is a tight job market and I fear we may be in for the long haul. If anyone hears of something please let us know. He is an electronics technician. This is the technical portion of electrical engineering. Keep him in your prayers as well. This is hard on him as he is just not used to being home all day. He said he felt like a square tire that just didn't fit into the daily routine around the house. We are working on that and have made several adjustments to fit our new and TEMPORARY lifestyle.......Once again- focusing on the blessings. Please keep an ear bent for new job openings. I know he will find something and this experience will one day be counted as a blessing until then..................................
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  1. Your family will be in our prayers Shannon! You are an amazing thrifty woman - I have faith your family will fare just fine throughout this trial:)

  2. Good luck in the job search, Robin! We'll pray for you guys. Isn't it funny how the Lord prepares us for times ahead? I'm grateful for coupons, and for you getting me into them. It has been a blessing for us. =)
    p.s. We just got huckleberries and didn't find as much as you. I'm jealous!


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