Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just another day......

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Happy Birthday to me- Yesterday! Not much of a birthday I have to say, but not a bad day either. The whole day was jam packed of day to day routine. I got some great deals at Albertsons and took a friend to teach her how to coupon shop. Then came home to make 10 pies for my work BBQ. The missionaries were here and helped to weed the garden and pull beets which I then had to can. In the meantime Bobbie came over and I helped her with her coupon deals including returning to Albertsons for another trip. That trip took longer than planned due to a lady collapsing. I stopped to help when everyone else didn't know what to do. I stayed until the paramedics got her ready to go to the ER to be checked. Hope she is ok. Then we rushed home. I took a crash 1/2 hour nap then it was off to the BBQ. I was suppose to work- thus the nap that was to last me allllll through the night- but I was put on call- horay. We stayed at the BBQ until 9pm then headed home with tired and wet kiddos. I put Ty and Matthew in the bath, Robin took over and then called my mom back. A couple of minutes into our conversation the hospital calls, yep, had to go into work. I ended up sitting 1:1 with a CRANKY guy who thought he could do more than he really could. I came home to take another 1/2 hour nap then woke to the phone ringing. We had planned on going huckleberry picking but Ty had a sour tummy so I asked Robin to call our freind and cancel. OOPS he forgot. I still wanted berries and Janice wanted to go soooo up I came and went up Kelly Canyon to "our spot". We were up there for about 3 hours- 2 adults and 4 kids. I ended up with a full gallon bucket. They were so thick we hated to leave but I was wanting to be with the rest of my family. I still haven't had a cake but I did get ice cream. Just another day I guess..... Robin has promised a movie (we have passes from the hospital) and Janice offered babysitting for my birthday gift so I have something to look forward to this next week. Oh, and my visiting teachers dropped of chocolate and a card. WHO does NOT like CHOCOLATE!! I think it is every womans sanity saver. I have to have a stash.... So now I am beat! 1hr sleep in 2 days. I think it is time to call it a day- a very very very long day!~!
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