Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cooking lessons for boys....

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7:00 AM
"Hi dear, I am just getting ready to sleep for a bit."
"Ok dear, but I REALLY am tired, can I talk to you later?"
"Ok. Yes, I love you to"
7:15 AM
"Son please keep an eye on things and wake me at noon. I have to work again tonight"
"Okay mom, I will"
*SIGH* finally to sleep after all night working, benadryl on board, hopefully I will wake with some control over these horrible allergies....
Wake from a sleep deprived, drug induced coma
to smoke detectors SCREEEMING and a smoke FILLED house......
Please don't call 911. 
It's just another day in the adventures of raising boys.
I forgot to mention that you DO NOT reheat something in the microwave for 20 minutes. 
Certainly not French Toast!
Uhh, yeah. I thought we had covered the basics of microwave cooking. 
You know...the fact that most everything can be reheated in just 1 minute. NOT 20!!!
Please don't mind the smell, it will be gone...soon...
...I hope....
...perhaps I should cook some more bacon....
...and bake some bread....
Needless to say this little cub scout is NOT getting his indoor cooking badge.
Better luck with the Outdoor cooking badge. 
Then you can make alllll the smoke you wanna!
Cooking lessons to start IMMEDIATELY!
By the way can mom have new plates for Fathers Day?

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