Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bakin' Perfect Bacon

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We enjoy watching a bit of Food Networks cooking challenges. My dear hubby has learned (and agrees wholeheartedly) that adding bacon to any recipe, including ice cream, makes it an instant hit. But it is sooo meassy to cook. Not anymore!
My dad recently taught me how to cook the BEST ever bacon.
After years of cooking it poping and sizzling on the stovetop.
No more. Now I cook my bacon in the oven.
Yep, the oven! just 30 minutes at 350 and you will have perfect bacon bites.
The best part? No greasy stove top to clean up.
Just lay your bacon strips out on a cookies sheet and slip it in the oven. While your bacon is bakin' you can flip pancakes or your omlet free of greasy popping on you.
Give it a try. I guarantee you will not go back to stovetop bacon.
It will save you from being "Chopped" at your next family dinner!
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