Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Frugal Mom's.....

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 I have to say I have one of the best sister-in-laws ever! 
She has so many great ideas. 
Every time we have a family dinner the ladies of the family sit and share tips to make life easier. My pea sized brain could NOT remember all the fabulous ideas and tips. I mentioned to her a couple of times she needed to write them down or compile a book for me or something! Her recipe for crockpot apple butter was what pushed me over the edge. After all, how was I suppose to remember this recipe we talked about at Christmas time 10 months later when it was time to harvest the apples!?!? 
Over to the computer we went and set up her blog.
Now I get to visit every day for untold inspiration. 
So many of her ideas were passed down from generations but still have application today. 
You have to check it out!
Wanna know about that Apple Butter recipe?
How about square foot gardening? Let me tell you what! This gal can get amazing amounts of vegis from itty bitty spaces!
So many ideas to use every single day.
Go over. Check out all the great ideas she has. You won't be disappointed!
While you're at it become a follower. She wants to have 100+ followers by her birthday- July 7th.
She only needs 11 more.
Piece of cake.
You will be glad you did! 
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  1. Okay, I am totally blushing (and tearing up a little bit,too)! Thank you for such wonderful props! You are the best! You still beat me hands down for craftiness!

  2. I totally blog-stalk her! I feel slightly sneaky there, but I LOVE her ideas! Yours, too! Keep 'em both coming!


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