Sunday, June 12, 2011

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I came across the SNOP challenge a few weeks ago. I loved the idea. I find skirts cooler and much more comfy in the summer heat. My problem was I only had a couple.
Last weekend my dear hubby managed the boys while I spent some time sewing. 
I finished 4 skirts done but didn't get a chance to share because of my work schedule- which by the way was totally insane!
Then we went on vacation to San Diego- ohh, so much fun.....
So here we are, and I am finally able to share some of my creations.
I used a couple of my favorite skirts as patterns. Let's face it I just too cheap frugal to buy patterns...

I have a fun white skirt with peek-a-boo tucks in it. It is so fun to wear but it's white and I don't want to wear it everyday. I love how this turned out, so much so I may save it for church or more dressy occassions. I wore it to church last week and got several comments on it. The brown sections are just rectangles with the more triangular teal peices inserted in between. It took a bit longer than my other skirts but wasn't hard at all.
JoAnn's had so many beautiful fabrics. With the grand opening sales I had a hard time choosing. 
They were all so great leaving endless possibilities but...
I wanted to try to match up to shirts I already have. Since most of my shirts are prints that meant more of a solid skirt. Red is my favorite color and my peasant style shirts are my hubby's favorite.
This was from an A-line pattern but I altered it to make more of a straight cut.
It is so comfy. I love it.
Tell me what you think.
Anyone else up to wearing skirts this summer. They are perfect for keeping the sun off and the cool breeze flowing! Plus you don't need great sewing skills. Skirts are easy; great projects for beginners.
Give it a try.
What do you think?
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  1. Love the skirts!!!! I am loving the idea of the SNOP challenge, I am going to go check it out. Skirts are my favorite summertime wear.


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