Thursday, June 2, 2011

Speech Therapy: Start with the basics

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As with any adventure we had lots of ups and downs with Mr. M during speech therapy. I was so anxious to just understand WHAT he was saying and what he wanted. After too many months to count we finally started to see some progress.
Then we would seem to loose ground again.
The proverbial two steps forward one step back.
One month our fabulous therapist came while Mr. M was still asleep. We had tried to keep him up but after swimming he was wiped out! It did give us a nice chance to just talk though.
I had been feeling like we were loosing ground and I couldn't figure out why.
Our therapist listened and then made a simple suggestion.
 Go back to the basics!

Follow his lead- let him set the pace and initiate the action; mimic him.
Guess what he's thinking.
Wait for him to talk.
Give partial parts of words to cue him.
Then try language rich activities- outings, pet stores, sunflower houses.

Each of these suggestions make sense but I had to make a consious effort each day to DO them.
Even now, whenever I feel we are slipping I go back to these basic skills. Guess what he's thinking can easily become a game. I mean have you ever tried to figure out what is going through a toddlers mind?
I am excited to announce that Mr M has finally started to put 4-5+ word sentances together. I feel like I can have a conversation with him. I still spend a lot of time playing the guessing game. Now what could that sound possibly be...BUT each day it is getting better. Considering his age and not qualifying for further therapy I am thrilled. I am also optamistic for where he will be this fall. I know one day I will wish for LESS talking but right now I can't tell you how wonderful it is to TALK with my son! 2 years after are journey started we are finally making big strides!
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