Friday, July 1, 2011

Jewelry stand....

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Last year I made some cupcake stands. I also made some out of glass plate (I can't believe I didn't blog it, or if I did I can't find them now) but it got me thinkin'. A dangerous pasttime I know. You see I have been needing something for my jewelry. I have seen lots of cute ideas but never got around to doing any of them. I also don't have much space to hang anything in my bathroom.
After a bit of thinkin', being careful not to hurt myself, I came up with this...
I figured I could put the cupcake stand idea to work here too. I must say I am pleased with the end result.
I found these dishes at the DI- goodwill and simply glued them together.
Now I have a small bowl to hold my earings and plates to hold my necklaces.
I love that I found matching plates and a bowl. I didn't paint them or anything.

I noticed the fumes from the superglue discolored the cups they are stacked on. I was hoping to keep the clear color but it didn't work out. Otherwise I would have painted the cups white to match the rest.
Still, I am thrilled. 

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  1. Cute! I may just have to steal that idea!

  2. Looks great! And the bowl on top holds a ton I bet! Thanks for linking up with Lemon Tree Creations!

  3. FYI: here are the glass ones:

    I was looking around after clicking from the lemon tree linky party.

  4. Mommy- thank you for finding them! No wonder I couldn't find them, I labeled them "Scouts". I am going to have to add a label to them. Glad you took some time to look around. Hopefully you found some useful things.

    Patrice- thanks, the bowl does hold a lot. I especially like having room to roll my earrings around until I find the match without them falling out. I was lucky to find matching pieces.


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