Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Girls room...

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So we were visiting with friends when their daughter mentioned how picked on she was because her big sisters room was more decorated than hers. Hello Sibling Rivalry!
Well, to make peace we talked about what she wanted in her room. 
And started to make some plans for her room.
The walls were something like this...
uhmm yeah. The bad part- BORING. The good part- a perfect blank canvas!
She has a lovely bedspread that we pulled the colors from. She wanted green so...
We did lime green.
Then we took a rectangle canvas, added some pink fabric and painted wood letters. 
I love how it turned out. CUTE!! Pictures just don't do it justice!
I especially like the peaked wall. The name plate looks too high but we are making plans for some lovely pink curtains.
We also have plans for a shelf and some wall art. Keep watching to see how we do a bit of a swap on the sibling rivalry.
BTW: notice the nightstand? Yeah, still wish I had kept that beauty for myself. It's amazing!

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